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Aim CSE (Centre for Special Education)

     The CSE is a centre where we train and educate children with autism.
     We offer various classes to meet the differential needs of the children.
     An assessment is also provided by our specialists before admission to the school
     in order to classify the children into an appropriate class.

ClassTargeted children
PlaygroupFor 2 4 years old children
Academic classFor children who are prepared to attend the open examination
Daily living skill training groupFor 8 14 years old children to learn how to fit into physical environment
Prevocational skill training groupFor children to trained to be independent in daily life or work

Aim Parent Empowerment Program

     This program aims to train and teach parents how to treat and educate their
     children at home.
     Everyday the parents come to Sambhav to discuss the performances of their children,
     give feedbacks and ask for an advice from our professionals.
     Sambhav also provide assessment service to any children who are under the suspect
     of autism by their parents.

Aim Home Management Program

    Every evening the parents can bring the children here for 45-60 minutes to learn
    different skills and knowledge. It is designed for students who are studying or going to
    study in the main stream school but have a need of special educational treatment at
    the same time. It is also suitable for students who are not able to go to school


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